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Peta Wilson
Peta Wilson is a striking blonde Australian and has enjoyed a fairly successful acting career. She was born in New South Wales and before leaping into acting she modeled around Australia and Europe. That paid the bills but she never really felt a sense of satisfaction. That's why she moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and began studying acting. She got her training at the Actors Circle Theater and landed a few small gigs in 1995 and 1996 that resulted in a slightly higher profile. It wasn't until the USA Network show La Femme Nikita that she really hit it big though.
They seriously auditioned more than 200 girls for the part and out of the group Peta Wilson was chosen. She was largely an unknown quality at that point so it was impressive that she would be picked to star in one of the biggest shows the network had ever done. They did 96 episodes and achieved an impressive level of popularity due in large part to Peta's unique on screen presence and beauty. Since the show went off the air in 2001 she has appeared as a guest star on a few TV shows and been in a few movies, including the 2006 film "Superman Returns", which grossed $200 million.
Can you see Peta Wilson nude? You know that's what you're asking. Considering how beautiful she is you can't be blamed for wanting to admire such things. The best place to see her naked is the film "Mercy". You can see her full body naked and you can see a lesbian clip. She has terrific natural breasts so they're quite a pleasure to behold. They're small and perky and her nipples are perfect. They look delectable in every way. You can also see her naked breasts in "Loser" and "The Sadness of Sex", both of which are terrific movies.
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